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Weekly Wine – Yvon Mau

11 Dec

????????Yvon Mau Merlot VDP
$8.95 (LCBO)

Another great wine from France. Another great affordable wine from France.
It is a fine wine. It has a fine taste. There is really nothing that one cane fault with this wine.
Sure, some taste buds on the upper-left side of my tongue are vibrating and sending my brains some signals. But I am ignoring that signal because I do not understand it.
The strange sensation appears briefly and then vanishes.
I like the fact that the label has “Depuis 1897” on it. That is gravitas baby. 30 years younger than Canada. It is a very respectable label.
The back label has a bunch of writing on it that I passed on reading because I was busy drinking the wine. Wine is not a cereal box and I am not a toddler eating (pre-fermented) sugar and reading propaganda and the riboflavin(?) content of what I am eating. The front label should entice me – the back label is just for statistics.
This is a nice wine.
I shudder to think that I used to not buy French wine because of the nuclear testing and that little thing in New Zealand. My bad – good wine is good wine and this is good wine.