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Weekly Vinyl – Singing and Yodeling

28 Feb

Apres-ski (potpourri) Singing and Yodeling
Franz and Toni
Year: 1972(ish)

I bought this album for the cover.
No doubt.
I love skiing and have always wanted to go ski in the Alps.
I’m assuming this is an Austrian because of the banner in front of the ski hut.
The album itself is a collection of 15 songs. The first one is the coolest…
Auf der Hutt’n is a jaunty little dirge that will get you to sing along – “Hey,hey,hey,hey… Ho,ho,ho,ho.” You gotta hear it to believe it. My daughter cringes when I put this album on, or others like it, but she does groove to the opening tune. Now if I could convince her to do a TikTok video to it.
The rest of the album is OK. Music that you would hear in a ski chalet in a German speaking part of the world. I think, never been. Waltzes, polkas and such styles abound. My one complaint is that there is not enough yodeling. There is some – but not enough to meet my expectation given the subhead of the album’s title. I was expecting it to be chock-a-block with yodeling. I was expecting a yodelocalypse.
There is some yodeling.
It is nice yodeling.
It is just not enough yodeling.

Weekly Vinyl – Bavarian Yodelling

30 Jun

Bavarian Yodeling Songs and Polkas
Artist: Bavarian Yodellers?

This is a rather new addition to my collection. I found it at the Salvation Army store and had to buy it.
The groans and eye rolls that I received at home when I showed my newest purchased were quite expected. When I cranked it on the turntable … well it cleared the room.
This is such a fun album.
It is jaunty.

It has accordion.
It has yodelling.

The yodelling is very much in keeping with the yodelling song from The Sound of Music. Some of the songs are slower in tempo. They are love songs I assume and some feature yodelling duets.
True love I gather.
The liner notes are about live in Bavaria and gives no clue as to who is on the album, what the songs are about, nor who performs them.
These are but a few questions this album raises. The main one is why did they misspell Yodelling with one l?

Weekly Vinyl – Cheese Wheel

7 Jun

Räässe Chääs ond schapfe Back
Retonio & Toni
I call this album Cheese Wheel because that’s what’s on the cover. This album is totally incomprehensible to me as it is a comedy album. The comedy is provided by a guy who looks like Sammy Maudlin, Joe Flaherty’s TV host character in SCTV, and his wooden dummy. The recording is of a live show so there is laughter at the jokes. I guess the comedy is good, for that audience.
Interspersed between the laughs is very good folk music played by old Swiss men who are wearing earings. They singing and yodeling is a nice respite from the unfathomable comedy. Judging by the what the musicians are dressed up in, that there is an inner picture of them peering from the windows of the Hotel Santis in Appenzell, the fact that it was produced in Appenzell, leads me to conclude that this is an Appenzell group. I like the Appenzell area of Switzerland. My favourite cheese comes from there. It is a bit of a lesser well-known area of Switzerland with distinct traditions.
I’ve never been a fan of ventriloquist acts. I find it strange when a comedian comes on stage and pulls out his wooden dummy. But I don’t understand what they are saying here so id bothers me less. I like the music when the band is playing.