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Who is to blame?

23 Dec

A while ago I read an article on the BBC that stated that the Internet was getting in the way of couples making hay in the boudoir.
So to speak.
I’m sure the scientists did their research and have their stats.
But… It is more than just fetching amour. It is altering the way we live. This is especially true when something fascinating is going on in the world.
My life has been a shambles recently because of the events in Ukraine.
To explain – Many Ukrainians, are protesting in Kyiv because the president, Yanukovich, and government had decided in the last minute to not sign a trade agreement with the European Union. They are also their because this government is beyond corrupt. They want the rule of law to reign.
Because of the Internet you can watch these protests live. You can see, live from the comfort of your home, how the riot police move in on the peaceful protesters. You can see, live, how these protesters stand up to the riot police until they, the police, retreat.
This was all happening in the early hours. I was not getting much sleep and as a consequence, I got sick. Most of my Ukrainian friends are also afflicted with maladies.
It is the Internets fault for making this information available.

But most of all … It is Yanukovich’s fault.