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19 Jun

Most writers are a little messy. They have lots of material around them to draw “inspiration” and to distract them from the work at hand.
When writer’s block hits – some writer’s start to clean and purge.
I’m in my garage now doing just that.


Not writing

12 Jun

Big mental block
Not writing now.
Will post when brain is free.

Block, purge and collect

11 Jul

Whenever I get a good writer’s block, like now, I start to purge, throw out stuff, to get motivated.
To do something.
To clear the cobwebs.
I started doing this recently but it occasionally does not work well.
Yes, I do purge. A lot of stuff does get tossed. But new stuff moves in.
I dropped a load off at the local Sally Ann and traditionally went in to have a look.
I found this….


I bought it because….
It is an old Farfisa Pianorgan. It was made in Italy. It is nearly flawless and works – well the volume button does not – but that is an easy fix. Oh, and it sounds great.
At least I’m writing again.