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Who’s on money debate.

25 Apr

There has been a lot of noise lately about featuring women on currency. This Monday, April 25, 2016, The Globe and Mail ran a center spread on this subject. Prominent Canadian women sounded off on who they think is should be on our currency.
I wrote a letter to the editor. Here it is…

 I am perplexed by the amount of ink and airspace devoted to debating the inclusion of a woman onto our currency. 
 I have a 20 dollar bill in front of me and it seems there is a woman staring back at me. I believe she be the queen of this land – appearing on our coins and some stamps as well.
 Is this debate just not a convenient smokescreen to avoid discussing the gender gap, pay inequality, healthcare issues, abortion, missing women, and so on.
 You know, real issues.

There are a lot of issues in Canadian society. Many issues with inequality to be dealt with. Why-oh-why is the issue of putting a woman on the currency gaining such traction over other issues. I applaud the US for finally putting Harriet Thubman, an African-American who helped free slaves, on a bill. And when we replace royalty with someone else on our currency it will be nice to.
I guess…
Are we not moving more and more to digital money anyway?
Credit cards, Pay Pal etc…
I honestly don`t know who`s face is on the money in my pocket. The issue only struck me today when wile reading the article in the Globe there was a 20-dollar bill on the table with the Queen gazing at me sternly.
Let`s just put this one to bed and discuss graver issues.