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Winter Kite

11 Mar

I was walking in the park with my camera but was not feeling to inspired for photography until I saw people trying to skate using a large kite/sail. It looked amazing but they were not making too much progress.


30 Jan

It is finally here.
It is a bit chilly and there is big commotion about the cold.
People forget that it used to be colder for a much longer time.

Winter Duck

8 Jan


Walking along the frozen shore of Lake Ontario, a duck  flew buy.

Catching air

1 Jan

Catching some air on a snowy sideroad in Northern Ontario is a great way to start a new year.

Cold Lounging

14 Feb

Lounging on some muskoka chairs in Muskoka.
It is 25 below zero in the sun and the weather is fine…

Postcard from the cold

14 Dec

This idyllic scene looks cold. And it is. It was close to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degree Fahrenheit) when I took this shot. It was nice and crisp but unfortunately overcast. There is never a blue sky when you want it.

Keeping it cool

23 Nov

A nice blanket of snow is the best form of cooler technology.