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Weekly Vinyl – Life is a Killer

15 Aug

Life is a Killer
The Dial-A-Poem Poets

I remember picking this up at a garage sale – it was unremarkable except for this one lone album – 25 cents.
The album was not what I expected. I thought it would be poets reading their work.
The first track is very funky, musically and lyrically. Then William S. Burroughs comes on and does what I expected, reading his poem, The Mummy Piece, as only he could.
This is a who’s who of poetry here. Besides the two already mentioned, there’s Rose Lesniak, Jim Carroll, Amiri Baraka, Ned Sublette, Jayne Cortez and the Four Horsemen (four Canadian poets: b.p. Nichol, Steve McCaffery, Paul Dutton and Rafael-Barreto-Rivera).
As one would expect – This is a disjointed album.Some funky music, some straight ahead reading. Some chanting with a drum machine. The liner notes are no help as they are not in order.
I’m glad I have this album as it is interesting. It is not something I would put on casually. I would definitely have to be in a poetry mood.

Weekly Vinyl – The Dial-a-Poem Poets

4 Apr

Better an old demon than a new God
I’m listening to this album and the first early impression is that this is a compilation of narcissistic New York types insisting that the New York they know and love is changing.
But then it came to me. There are gems in this album.
There are some really cool musical/lyrical gems in this recording.
I like the experimentation of Psyhcic TV, Lydia Lunch, Meredith Monk and Arto Lindsay. I was rather impressed by Jim Carroll’s screed, someone I do not hold too highly, but I was even more intrigued when I looked at the cover and noticed that it was recorded in Toronto by Elliott Lefko. This is the guy who is now a big time concert promoter and the guy behind the Coachella festival.
William S. Burroughs was nice to hear but it did drag on a bit. Richard Hell’s piece is also nothing really to write about.