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Weekly Wine – Sawmill rose

28 Dec

smcwzSawmill Creek White Zinfandel
Year: N/A
Canada and international
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (Alberta)

I’ve been harping about hybrid wines (Canadian wines bottled from a blend of Canadian and international wines) for a while. I have not really found one I liked.
On a trip to Alberta I sampled a bunch of Sawmill Creek wines and they were largely uninspired, unimaginative and in general not very good. Some ended up flushed down the drain as there was no point in further drinking of the wine.
This wine is a bit different. We’ll it’s still not very good and I would not buy it again. It is drinkable. It has a medium body and is rather sweet. But the sweetness is not to over the top – it is actually quite nice.
Unlike the other wines, there is a nice bouquet of flavours here. You can taste the peach, the berries, the melons.
It is not that bad of a wine if I think about it.
The best of a bad bunch that I bought in Alberta.

Weekly Wine – Sutter Home

8 Apr

SONY DSCSutter Home White Zinfandel
9.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This wine is sweet. It is listed as Medium Sweet on the LCBO website and I will take them at their word because they measure the sugar content of all wines they sell. The flavour is pretty sweet. So-much-so, you will be reaching for something acidic and/or salty to sooth your palate. All I had lying around was a bag of potato chips that were of a dill pickle flavour. I would have rather had the dill pickles.
But alas – you use what you have … and lo and behold, the dill pickle potato chips complement this wine very well. Sutter Home should mention it in their marketing material. Or perhaps Lay’s should in theirs.
The colour is typical for White Zinfandel rose – a nice, quite pleasant pink. The flavour is obscured by the sweetness. A hint of citrus does poke out but that only came after the potato chips.
There are better White Zinfandel wines on the market at this price point but if you like it more on the sweet wine this wine will suit you well.

Weekly Wine – Kittling Ridge

3 Sep

SONY DSCKittling Ridge White Zinfandel Vidal
Year: N/A
Canada (and others)
$8.95 (LCBO)

I had a good experience drinking a White Zinfandel, Vidal blend rose in the past and was looking forward to this.
It was a warm evening, no need for air conditioning in the house, but I had a large pedestal fan going to give me some breeze.
The wine was chilled and initially I though that it was not bad. A little too sweet for my liking. There was a bit of harshness on the aftertaste but it did not spoil the wine.

Its quite a simple wine really. Quite forgettable. Pleasant without distracting one from enjoying other activities.
The sweetness does bother me a bit. It claims to be semi-sweet, so it is on the high side of the saccharin scale. The sweetness is ever present and is enhanced by the fruitiness of the wine. It is not a bad wine, but it does not fill me with confidence. I eye the second glass with wariness. Sure, I do drink it but not with gusto.
This is a nice wine to start a summer’s evening off before getting on to more serious beverages.

Weekly Wine – Berninger

11 Jun

SONY DSCBeringer White Zinfandel
$9.95 (LCBO)

This is a pink wine.
The label has a pink border, pink lettering and a pink shrink top.
This pink matches the pink hue of the wine itself.
This wine is making me turn pink as it is light refreshing and a wonderful drink. I’m looking at the bottle and am wondering where it went. It is really a nice wine this is.
It is fruity without being overbearing. It carries a hint of sweetness which is just right – it is not saccarin. It is dryish without parching ones palate.
What a happy wine.
I guess this is what they mean by a well balanced wine, in marketing speak. This term does not appear on the label and this is good because I usually pose a sceptical eye on anything that claims to be well balanced.
This wine is light on alcohol so is a wonderful refreshing drink on a summers afternoon. Or evening. Or night. You’ll be pushing trouble for the morning but mixed with some juice… why not.
I’ve had rose wines that cost nearly double this but did not come near to the pleasure that this wine has given me.