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Weekly Vinyl — Booker T & the MG’s

17 May

And Now!
Booker T & The MGs
Love this album. The bass. The drums. The guitar. The keys – regular and electric piano and of course the Hammond organ. Fantastic. The simplicity and elegance of this music is outstanding. The songs are short — there is no reason to belabour the point. Booker T. & The MG’s were a baking band for countless of singers in Memphis. That, I summarise, is why there is no vocal in their recordings. Just the music. Just the groove. Brilliant. Interesting to note that this record includes their cover of the classic Gershwin and Heyward song “Summertime” — a song that has been butchered and defiled by countless of wannabe singers. It is so nice to hear a version of this classic without someone overdramatically squawking on top of the music.
My record has enough pops and scratches that make it sound authentic and real. I would hate to have to listen to this as a “Digitally Cleaned and Enhanced” version. Damn. I wish I had a mono record player to really get the vibe down right.