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Weekly Vinyl – Superman

15 Apr

O Superman (maxi-single)
Laurie Anderson


The infuriating thing about this album (maxi-single actually) is that there are only two songs on it. The songs are not remixed or dub versions of the original songs – just the original songs themselves, on a large record, meant to be played at 45 r.p.m.
I would like the songs to be longer. I would like there to be more songs. (I can always just pop in the album…) I don’t want to get up every few minutes to stop the record player, switch sides… (My Thorens turntable is a fully manual beast – no automation.)
The two songs are lengthy by pop standards but not long enough, for me.
O Superman was Laurie Anderson’s big breakout. It is a fantastic subtle song, that still can entice and enthral me after all these years. It is a timeless composition.
The B side is Walk the Dog which is a quirky tune that really reveals Anderson’s humour and musical sensibility.
A fun record … but I have to go and swap sides again.