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Weekly Vinyl – Voulez-Vous

26 Aug

I used to dislike Abba.
But then I started to really listen to them.
I realised that their song writing was brilliant. The compositions were so tightly crafted and precise. The actual words were nothing revelatory – but it was good pop.
I think this is my only Abba record and this is actually why I dislike the band.
It is all coming back.
Yes it is poppy.
It is full of hooks and hummable melodies.
The words are fluff.
It is way to over produced. It is too clean … It is like getting a pair of jeans dry cleaned and having them starched and all crisp.
Besides the title track, which was a hit, there are a few others but none of the real stand out ones that everybody remembers. They are all rather formulaic and lifeless.
Abba is a kind of band that I would really prefer the Greatest Hits package.