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Weekly Vinyl – Vollenweider

15 Jul

Down to the Moon
Andreas Vollenweider
This guy, Andreas Vollenweider, encapsulate new-age music in the 1980s. One would go do parties and this somnambulist music would be easing out of large speakers placed at optimal places on the floor.
It was all right.
I guess.
I just could not get into it. I like ambient music, but this was a bit too Muzak for me. A bit to refined. It was music that was calming but did not go anywhere. There really was no bite to it. No purpose. I`ve listened to this album a bunch of times to make this review and honestly you either like the genre or you don`t. To say, “I don`t really fancy this,” or to say, “I don’t really mind it,” is more or less the emotional ambivalence that this music generates.
There are swells of music here but it is not really emotion. It does not conjure up the power of waves, or the mystery of wind – the music just moves a bit here, or there.
And in effect – infuriatingly.