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Oh my VW

24 Sep

Full disclosure – I own a VW Golf Wagon Diesel.
I love it.
The fuel economy is great.
We bought it because of this, its carrying capacity and the fact that it is a clean diesel.
The shock.
The horror.
The crushing disappointment.
They work faking the results by having the pollution controls kick in only when being tested. The company admitted as such.
Now I’ve been looking for a silver lining in this story and there really is only one…
Perhaps now the US politicians won’t be calling for a dismantling of the EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency). They are the ones who caught this nefarious scheme. Canning the agency, that was set up by Nixon, of all people, to protect the nation’s water among other environmental concerns, was a big cry in the last US election.
Now the EPA caught a big foreign company scamming the system.
Great for the EPA.
But pity my poor pollution spewing VW Diesel.
I no longer can be smug about my clean efficient car.
Will it still be efficient and clean after it gets fixed?
Bad VW. Bad, bad, bad.