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Weekly Wine – Alianca

27 Jul

AlliancaAlianca Vinho Verde
10% ABV
$9.05 (LCBO)

Here is a nice typical vinho verde wine. It is light, tart, refreshing and quite pleasant. It is very good chilled and even quite passable when the temperature of the wine goes down.
It is fantastic to drink on a hot day – but be wary – you will be able to put this down quickly without realising it has a robust ten percent alcohol content. You can down a bottle of this like you would a beer – but should you…
It is a good repast – perfect for sipping in the shade on a hot day. Great with a light snack of bread, cheese and well cured meat. A proper lunch on the field.
The slight gaseous nature of this wine adds to the taste experience. It blends the tartness with a light crispy sensation on the palate. There is a light fruity citrus ambiance in the taste but it is not overpowering and it, importantly, does not taste artificial.
It is very well balanced.
I love vinho verde wines in the summers. This one is great.

Weekly Wine – Gazela

29 Jun

gazRosGazela Vinho Verde Rose
9.5% ABV
$9.50 (LCBO)

I’ve had the white wine version of this wine way back when –August, 2013.
This rose is just as nice as the white one.
It is tart.
It is crisp.
It is fruity – but not too much.
What makes this wine better than a spritzer, some wine with club soda usually, is that here the carbonation is very mild. Occasionally referred to as effervescent wine, the slight carbonation is not the result of a shot of carbon dioxide before bottling, but from a secondary fermentation.
This gives the wine a nice round flavour and makes for a very pleasant refreshing drink on a hot day, or evening.
It is a bit dangerous as it does have nine per cent alcohol. On a hot day, it is very conceivable that one can down a bottle or two of this quite easily. Think of two bottles as three pints of beer – in terms of volume. If you are putting down a proper IPA with 6 to 7 per cent alcohol, you will feel it – the heaviness, the hops, the alcohol. This wine has more alcohol yet is light and refreshing.
Dangerous, but good, stuff.
The bottle photographed is empty because I neglected to take a picture before drinking the bottle. It was a hot evening. The wine has a nice pink colour.

Weekly Wine – Aveleda

16 Jul

SONY DSCQuinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde
$9.95 (LCBO)

(This somehow did not get posted when it was supposed to be posted. So I’m backdating it to when it was supposed to be posted.)

Vinho Verde is a light, somewhat fizzy, wine that should be drunk chilled on a hot summer day. And it works so well.
It is tart. Which is great because it refreshes without the sweetness that makes you want to drink more. There is an earthy background to this wine, similar to many Portuguese wines. In some it is a distraction but since this is a light white wine there is just a hint of it. It works very well in this instant.
It is low in alcohol – so it is a great summer drink. High alcohol can send you reeling in a hot summer sun. This wine works well balancing the thirst quenching properties, with the alcohol content and the quite interesting flavours now that they have truly enveloped me.
I didn’t have an overpowering sensation of sulphites but I checked the lable to see if they were present.
It said, “Contains sulphites and milk.”
How bizarre…


Weekly Wine – Aveleda

26 Mar

SONY DSCAveleda Vinho Verde Fonte
$8.95 (LCBO)

As soon as I cracked this bottle open I knew I was making a big blunder.
This is a Portuguese Vinho Verde. This is very young wine and what is properly termed as effervescence – bubbles. Tiny bubbles.
Traditionally the wine is not carbonated but the effervescence comes from malolactic fermentation, a secondary fermentation that naturally occurs in the bottle. Now the stuff has a bit of good ole’ CO2 pumped in.
I like these wines because they tend to be light, low alcohol and quite refreshing on a hot summer day when drunk cold. Room temperature in a coldish basement is not the best way to present this wine.
Be that as it may I poured a glass and had my way.
Right off the bat, I got these earthy tones and major off flavours. The wine needed to be chilled. A while in the freezer and it got to a suitable temperature.
This wine fared better when cooler, but a nice hot summer day would have made it even better.

Weekly Wine – Gazela

14 Aug

GazelaSogrape Gazela Vinho Verde
9% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)
A good friend introduced me to this wine and a good thing too. This is a great summer wine. Light and refreshing. It has a bit of fizz to it but not like sparkling wine, champagne or soda pop.
The carbonation is more like that of a beer that has had an in bottle second fermentation. Like those of some artisan breweries or home brews. The mild carbonation is a nice balance with the light flavour.
I will repeat that it is a refreshing sip of wine on a hot day. I’ve had it in winter and it only worked when I was hot because of the crush of people or because I was by a fireplace. It needs to be cold and drinker needs to be hot. I can’t really comment on the flavour because of the lightness of it. When drinking you know it is wine, you have a bit of fizz, and you are refreshed. What more do you want?