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Weekly Wine – Passion

26 Jun

SONY DSCPassion of Portugal Red
13% ABV
$8.05 (LCBO)

For me, this is a love/hate wine. The all consuming question is do I hate it or love it passionately?
As I write this an sip the wine delicately, I like the wine. Do I love it? Do I passionately love it? No, on the latter but a guarded perhaps, for the former.
This is an inexpensive wine. The first taste alone will tell you that. It has an unrefined quality about it. But the thing is that it is not bad. It’s a late night kind of wine. Listening to Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits. Perhaps Edith Piaf. Perhaps a Portuguese singer — but not Nelly Furtado. It is late and you should end the night but there you are. Good music and a fair bottle of wine with a taste that has a presence on the palate. Of course the wine must be drunk out of plain water glasses.
I’ve had this wine on several occasions and depending on the ambiance of the time and place it has pleased and displeased me. In some situations the wine did not arouse a passion, either negative or positive, but did not earn a like.
Tonight, I am chalking it up in the like category, just shy of passionate.