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Video cassettes

17 Apr

Video cassettes.
I have a bunch of them,
Not enough to count and brag, but more than just a handful.
There are some neat things on the cassettes – music videos, movies and documentaries – all recorded of the TV back in the day. Some of the video cassettes are well more than 30 years old.

And this is a problem.
I put one of them in, to show my daughter some music videos, and the cassette played for about two seconds and then ripped.
Not good.
I am going through all of them now – two others have ripped as well. Some of them have a very deteriorated recording – I’m not sure if I recorded it that way or what. It looks and sounds horrible. I’m playing this all on an old standard tube television and I remember the recordings being much better. Another issue is the tracking – there are nice lines throughout some of the recordings.
As I am digitizing some/most of this content I am experiencing a great trip through memory lane. I particularly like seeing some of the commercials – they are cheesy and in all honesty not radically different from the ones you see today.
But my favorite is all the music videos that I recorded. Some are horrible, some are fantastic – but most, if not all, are interesting.
My there isn’t a channel that plays this all the time is beyond me.