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Grand openings

15 May

There have been a few openings of new retail outlets in Toronto in the past few years. They have been enhanced with great promotion and fanfare.
There have been pop-up retail places that appear and disappear – also to great media hubbub.
I ignore all of this because it does not interest me.
There have also been some notable closings of major retail here, but that is not part of this story.
I inadvertently attended a grand opening a week or so ago. It was packed. It was a mad-house. It was a feeding frenzy. It was a Value Village … a big-box thrift store.
It was rather depressing come to think of it.
I was there because this place opened in the same retail plaza as the grocery store I was shopping at. I was shocked at the people`s attitude to this opening. It was astounding. This was used stuff after all. I remember pitching a story to a financial magazine a few years back with the idea that buying used clothing and household items was not a trend derived from an environmental perspective – it was the way the middle class gets buy now. The Goodwills in Toronto have all been closed. There are a few SallyAnns – but not in our neighborhood. I guess our middle-class neighborhood needs this type of outlet and the people responded.
I like frequenting these types of stores but the shopping frenzy put me off and I bought nothing.