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Weekly Vinyl – Trio

23 May

Trio and Error

Most people know the German minimalist band Trio from their big hit DaDaDa.
That song is on this album.
Second song on the B side.
It is a good song. Catchy. It stands out in the album. This is probably due to the familiarity of the song. The song is not definitive of the album.
This album is a minimalist post punk wet dream.
It is just guitar, vocal and drums. On occasion a cheesy keyboard cuts in for diversion and amusement.
The words are simple – a cross of 50s rock and Ian Dury perhaps. The German lyrics might be more complex, I don’t understand them, But I don’t think so.

Trying to pick my favourite song to wax poetic is difficult. It’s a cliché to say that every song here is a hit, especially since DaDaDa is on the album. It is a weird comparison to make but this album is kind of like a Peter Gabriel album. One or two hits but each piece of music is so solid it is scary.
Trio is a band that was overshadowed by its one huge mega-hit. A shame … and a blessing.