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Weekly Wine – Melodias

10 Aug

MelodiasMelodias Red Blend
13.5% ABV
$6.95 (LCBO)

Is it possible for a wine to be too full bodied?
Is possible for a wine to be too fruity while not being sickly sweet?
Yes to both counts with this wine.
It is heavy and fruity. The sweetness is listed as medium and that is about right – it is not sweet but it is just bordering on being a grape or fruit drink – with a bit of a punch.
It is wonderfully inexpensive though.
I figure it could make some passable home-made Sangria but I feel that the heavy body will make that experience unfulfilling.
This is cheap, fruity, heavy wine. I wouldn’t use it for Sangria or sauses because I would spend a buck or two more for something better.
It has a nice label though.

Weekly Wine – Astica

20 Jul

AsticaMMTrapiche Astica Merlot/Malbec
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

This is the first Argentinian wine that I have had in a while.
I was conducting a very quiet boycott doe to the political situation in that country. As well, I had sampled everything under ten bucks – and even some above 10 dollars.
This wine was new to me. I did drink and review the white wine from this label many moons ago.
This wine is nice and robust. I like the spicyness that the Malbec grapes give to the wine. It has a full body and for some reason that dulls the wine a bit. It is not as lively as some other Malbec wines. It might be the way it is blended with the Merlot grapes.
The wine is fine but it does have a palate of inexpensiveness. In a blind taste test you would have no trouble distinguishing that this is wine under ten bucks.
But it is actually under eight bucks. So it is a great value wine.
It just tastes a little dodgy.

Weekly Wine – Trapiche

15 Jan

SONY DSCTrapiche Malbec
13.5% ABV
$9.45 (LCBO)

I bought this wine last year. In 2013 to be exact. I did not unscrew it till 2014.
Two things here.
First off. Unscrew it has such a bad, bad atmosphere about it. It has a connotation of cheapness. Of sordid sexual impotency. Of regret, shame and loathing.
We must make up a better term because “uncorking” is so a few years ago and simply saying “open” is lame.
Suggestions can be: Untwisted; Decapped; I freed the wine from it’s see through dungeon…
The second being is that this wine is of a 2013 vintage and drinking a vintage in the same year it was bottled seems a bit presumptuous to me. The way I figure – I might as well be eating the grape.
The wine is fine. Even though I had been indulging in spicy foods, the wine came through nicely without after tastes and declared that it did have something original to offer. It is a Malbec grape so the wine’s flavour does stand out – this is a nice thing.