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Weekly Vinyl – Trance

3 Mar

The Decision is Yours
Chis Kain

This is trance music.
How do I know?
There’s a sticky note with that word written on it. It might have migrated from a different album though.
I bought these in Toronto after coming home from some travels. The world was firmly in CD mode and even used “record shops” carried very little vinyl. I was stocking up on that stuff at garage sales. I bought this, and several other albums brand new at a record store that catered to EDM and rave type music. That was also the first time that I felt old as people in that small shop looked at me like I was an old homeless vagrant.
This is trance musicbecause listening to this music you do fall into atrance – what kind is up to your mood.
Yes, you can groove to it.
Yes, you can shimmy and shake.
Yes, you can dance wildly to it.
Yes, you can listen to this and slowly contemplate the meaning of life.

Weekly Vinyl – Kraut Rock

27 Feb

Kraut Rock
Various Artist
Kraut Rock is a general term for German music – usually from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
That’s a large territory to cover – with some very cool music.
This three album compilation is a fantastic overview of some of the great music that was being created in Germany in the early 70s. I picked this album up in Calgary while on a ski trip. How do I know that? The record store insisted on stamping each and every album cover with their address and phone number. Not cool.
This is a fantastic compilation and what is interesting is that several bands which are identified with German Music from that period, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple, are not present on this album. But you do get Neu, Guru Guru, Harmonia, Grobschnitt and a lot more. There is a song from the Scorpions here.
The music is varied here – there is a lot of experimental, some electronic, some jazzy stuff and a few straight ahead rock numbers. I am a big fan of the trance inducing passages from Neu, “Hallogallo” and Guru, “der electrolurch”. I could play the first side of the first album all day and every day.

Weekly Vinyl — Dune

12 Jul

Klause Schulze

This is Trance before it was Trance, this was New Age, before someone came up with that silly and meaningless category. This is very cool music and I’m glad I pulled it out. Klause Schulze is a master. Most electronica dance practitioners owe a lot of their craft, their music to Mr. Schulze. Do they know it? I particularly like this album because of the beautiful soft and enchanting cello that intertwines with the harsh, rhythmic synthesizer sounds.
The synths used are all analogue here. The ones with lots of wires that had to be physically plugged and unplugged, dials that had to be rotated to create sounds. No sampling here. Digital synthesizers with programming and all the automation were still a few years down the road.

This is a masterpiece of an album, many years ahead of its time yet of the time. In 1979 progressive rock was being moved from the mainstream to the fringes by punk, new wave and reggae. The fringes allowed for more creativity and experimentation before the market forces abandoned the genre.
Once again, a fantastic album. If you don’t have it, or are not convinced — somebody posted it on Youtube. Check it out. You won’t regret it. (Except for the lacklustre computer/YouTube sound.)