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Toronto Air

18 Jun

I’m not sure if this was coming in or going out of Toronto.
The picture came out OK.

Driving night radio

13 Mar

Radio has been on its deathbed since the advent of television – so many pundits have said.
Radio was to be killed by cassettes, CDs, Internet, podcasts, satellite radio…
Radio is still here.
Sure most people listen to it in their cars – but that is not a negative aspect.
If you would listen to the call-in shows, most people are at home, or at work. Some, very few, are driving. I listen to the radio in my car and at home.
But I mostly love listening to the radio at night. Especially CBC radio at night. Fantastic music. I was recently driving through a deserted, semi snowy, Toronto at night and listening to the radio – what a magical experience. I occasionally listen to CBC at night when I’m in the workshop, but I think I’ll take the car out for a brief drive next time it is a nice night and I want some great music.

Tropical beer

19 Dec

I brought some beer back from Jamaica – six cans of Red Stripe.
The beer tasted great on the beach in Jamaica.
My friend brought me some beer from Mexico – six cans of Dos Equis.
The beer tasted great the last time I had it on a beach in Mexico.
As I drink these beers at home, looking forlornly at the winterscape outside my window, the beers are just OK. They do not take me back to the beach. They do not make me pine for the beach.
The beers were good there, in the heat and humidity. Here, I want mere body, more hops. I want a good well flavoured beer. I won’t spill these out but I will seek out better drink for the winter.

Toronto Swan

11 Sep


This swan is braving the cold waters of Lake Ontario.
But at least the view is nice.



6 Jun


Bus travel used to be the way North America moved. It was the way the world moves.

I’m trying to find the statistics on this but it is quite difficult.
I’m on a bus. It is a nice bus with WiFi and a 120 volt connector so my IPod doesn’t run out of juice. The Internet connectivity is just ok, it is a little slow and for some reason YouTube does not work. Hmmm…. I’m reminded of that Louis C. K. bit where he gets apoplectic about people who do not appreciate the marvels of current technology. His bugbear is. Guy complaining Internet on a plane. I’m not complaining – just commenting.
But reading statistical info on an iPad on a bouncing bus is difficult. There are many tiny numbers referring to passenger miles driven in a light duty vehicle with a short wheelbase (don’t mention the car) and whatnot. I started to compile this in a spreadsheet to make the numbers more accessible for me and you but gave up when the iPod kept slipping off my lap. (There are no airplane style tables on the bus. A major over site and my only real complaint about bus travel.) I’m also resisting the urge to consult Wikipedia – it is a lazy way to do it.
While pure statistics won’t make it here – various articles and reports do state that bus travel is growing in North America. This is because it is inexpensive. My trip from Toronto to New York costs a bit over 40 bucks. The bus is full to capacity. I take this trip every once I a while and the bus rarely has spare seats. And why not – it is cheap, relatively comfortable, has WiFi and gets you there Ina reasonable amount of time.
It takes a bit over 10 hours for this trip. Where I to fly. The flight itself would be about an hour. Plus you have to be at the airport three hours before the flight. The flight lands at Laguardia or JFK and that is far from the centre of Manhattan where the bus drops you off. So in effect the bus journey is only twice as long and as I’m doing the night bus, I usually just sleep and peruse the Interweb.
But the bus rolls on and adventure awaits…


30 May

I was going to write a piece about being positive. I had a nice conversation on the weekend about the benefits of having a positive outlook and not focusing on the negative.
I have been trying to do this for a while. It is difficult but I do feel forcing oneself to be positive is a worthy endeavor.
So with my head full of ideas, I sit down to write but then I see this on the CBC News. A fight over a parking spot in a Costco.
Blast it.
There goes the sheen of good will.
The positive ideas in my head flee for cover – never to return.
What is wrong with people. A parking spot. In a Costco parking lot. There are many more spots. I’ll wager that these people who are fighting are the kinds of people that will not venture downtown because of the “problems with parking.” This event happened in a suburb just to the west of Toronto.
It is hard to be positive when confronted with this type of insanity.
But I’ll persevere – put on some cool music and smile.

Landing TO

15 Nov

Coming in for a landing at the Pearson International Airport.
Looking at this picture I don’t even have to guess.
It is a Sunday – the roads are bare.

Letter: Stopping Billy Bishop

26 Mar


Toronto has a nice little airport on its waterfront. The airport is on an Island. I like the airport. It used to serve private airplanes but a few years back an airline, Porter Air, started flying larger propeller craft from the airport. There was a controversy many years ago about building a bridge to the island to serve the increased traffic to the island airport. The airport is served by a small ferry. The citizens voted for the mayor who opposed the bridge and it has been pretty calm since then.
Recently the airline has wanted to expand its service and use jets. For this They would need to extend the airstrip into the lake and have much more infrastructure.
There is a vote on this in Toronto City Council coming up and I am writing to my councilor, Peter Milczyn.

Dear Councillor Milczyn,

I am writing to you in the hope that you will not support any expansion of service at the Island Airport – Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ).
I’ve been searching through the internet and I have been unable to see any categorical statements that you have made, either for or against. You have criticized Porter’s plan saying, “It is no plan,” and I applaud you for that.
But I would like you to come out and definitely state that you are against airport expansion.
There are many reasons to be against this expansion but one of the best is that there is no easy access to the airport, either by public transport or by car. The intersection, Bathurst and Lakeshore, is a monumental mess as it is. I drive by there on occasion and always curse myself for forgetting what a vile pit of confusion it is. The only upside is seeing people abandon their stuck cabs and hoof it through traffic with their suitcases in tow to desperately try to make it on time for the flight. Perhaps the airport might make sense if there was a direct exit from the Gardiner Expressway. (Yea, that will never happen.)
Porter’s plans, for their expanded service, includes flights to Florida, the West coasts and many other points. We do not need to turn, what was a nice urban airport, into a minor International Airport.
Please come out strongly opposing any expansion of Billy Bishop airport.
Thank you,
Nestor Gula



24 Nov

The lights reflecting off the glass make it look like square  UFOs are hovering over Toronto City Hall. This is not as strange as some of the things that are going  on inside with our crack-head mayor.  Taken from the 35th floor of the office building that is attached to the Eton Centre.

Urban tree

17 Nov

It is an endless battle. We chop down trees as quickly as we can and yet they will grow in most situations. These trees off an alley near the Kensington Market in Toronto. It is quite impressive how to huge trees were able to grow in this confined space.