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Tools and Stuff

8 May

Frequently, when starting a project, I look at the tools I have and the tools I allegedly need.
These are usually pretty hefty lists – sometimes in terms of volume and sometimes in terms of price. I tend to think this is to make my projects better or my tasks easier.
The desire to add to the tool collection is strong and irrational. One can say that there are few things better than a new implement to create project. But there are many better things and that is what stops me from purchasing tools willy-nilly.
One has to balance between want and need.
Do I need a chop saw to cut metal lengths? I use a grinder with a cut off disk now and it works OK. So, do I need this or want this?
Do I need a belt/disk sander to sand wood and metal bits to final size. I use a grinder, bench and hand. I use my Dremel or Foredom rotary tools. Do I need this? It would be convenient but can I justify it?
It is quite easy to justify new tools and equipment. Too easy.
And these are just the wood working and metal working tools. Let’s not talk about computer gadgets, other electronic gadgets, kitchen gadgets, car gadgets, gardening gadgets … and so on.

Oh to save a saw

18 Mar

It seemed to me that my circular saw died a few days ago. It was the only circular saw that I knew well. Oh, I’ve tried others, but this one was mine. Handed down from my dad. I think that it was a surplus circular saw that his company was throwing away. Many of his tools were sourced this way. He would fix them up and use them.

And in a flash of blue light, the saw stopped working. After my cursory curse, I though well it had a good life, served for many years without complaint. It has served its time.

Perhaps it is time to upgrade. To one with a laser cutting guide. One that is lighter and more precise. I went to the local Canadian Tire and was not impressed with the offerings so decided to try to resurrect my trusty circular saw. After all, it was made in Canada and it didn’t work so I would not damage it.

After dismantling the saw, I noticed that the power cord had shortened out. Quick fix.

It works.