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Weekly Vinyl – Dylan

23 Jan

The Times They are a-Changin’
Bob Dylan
As I’m listening to this album, the only thing that is going through my head is that they would never be able to make this album in 2015.
By they, I mean record industry. I’m sure there are many DIY folkies out there churning out Dylanesque tunes by the bucketful.
But this is the original. This was (is) the epitome of the 1960s folk scene. This is the final moment of the beat generation. This is what it is.
By “this,” I am generalizing the early Bob Dylan music. These album, the recordings he released in the early 60’s were inspiring to that generation. I was too young to heart them. My parents did not have these albums and so I heard this much later in my life.
But this is historical context. What does it sound like now?
Much the same – this is not casual listening music. There area lot of lyrics here – meaningful words that should be pondered. The lyrics are printed out – the full back cover is taken up by the words as is a double sided insert.
Lots of words.
Lots of thinkin’.
No – “Baby. Baby. Baby. I love you. Yeah…”
A shame.