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Weekly Vinyl – Odyssey

27 Mar

The Odyssey
David Bedford
I bought this album way back in the days when I was really into Mike Oldfield.
David Bedford orchestrated his Tubuar Bells composition and made it a real “classical” album.
What is this then?
Mike Oldfield plays guitars on this.As does Andy Summers. He’s from The Police.
This is a very interesting album. Where Tubular Bells was more prog-rock with a hint of classical music, this is classical music with a dollop of prog-rock.
There are two great guitarists trading licks with the orchestra but what stands out are they synthesizers. What stands out is how this whole thing holds together wonderfully.
It is supposed to be a homage to Homer’s “The Odyssey” and I’ve listened to it. But I don’t really hear it.
Yet it is a great piece of music notwithstanding.