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Weekly Wine – Manhattan Project

7 Jan

SONY DSCThe Manhattan Project Chardonnay
13.9% ABV
$9.99 (US$)

I find myself in downtown Atlanta looking for some wine. There’s the a Peach Mart right by my hotel and I find this wine there in the “Special” section.
It’s a wine called the Manhattan Project that is made in Walla Walla, Washington.
To underscore one point … The Manhattan Project was the nuclear weapon research and development program the United States ran during World War II. It’s primary location was in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. There was a nuclear reactor built in 1943 for the Manhattan Project, but that was in a neighbouring county. The link is tenuous – perhaps there is a good story but I was unable to find it.
The wine is a Chardonnay and is on the sweetish side – the sweetness is a result of the very fruity flavour – you get a good wallop of apricot and pears in the flavour. This is where the sweetness comes from, not the sugar content but the flavour.
There is a slight bitterness in this wine. It is not too distracting though. It might be the sulphites but I also suspect that this is bottle that has reached its best before date. This type of wine should be consumed a couple of years after being bottled. Five years is a bit of time. If it was improperly stored, in a warm environment and/or in the sunlight, this will certainly cause the wine to start to deteriorate. I suspect that this is what is starting to happen to this wine. If I, or anybody else, would have bought this in a year – it would have been quite skunky.
It was probably a very good wine in its prime. Too bad I missed it then.