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Weekly Vinyl – Inside kick

25 Nov

The Kick Inside
Kate Bush
I thought this would be an easy album to review as I know this album very well. I bought it brand new back in 1978 after I heard some of Kate Bush`s music.
What wonderful music. What a freakily superb voice. What astounding songwriting.
There is no weak note or word on this album. The same can be probably said about all her later works. This is her debut album and she was just 19 when she recorded it.
It made a great impact on me and on most of the rest of the world.
Punk was rising fast and then this came out. Even the most hardcore punk rocker would admit that this was an otherworldly fantastic album. It sounds great, even now nearly 40 years after it was released.
I could go on praising each and every song, listing why each song is great, but then I will never finish writing this.
It was difficult to write this review because I kept on focusing on the music, listening to it, revelling in it, and not concentrating on writing the review.

I`m going to listen to this album one more time.