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Weekly Vinyl – The Cure

19 Sep

Standing on a Beach – The Singles
The Cure

I’m not sure how this got into my collection. It is not that I do not like The Cure, it is just that I don’t by “Best of” albums. I like live albums but that is a different kettle of fish.
The problem with a best of compilation album is that all the songs have nearly reached their saturation point. I know all the songs. I’ve heard them many times before.
There is no hidden gem. There is no one song on the album that I can say, “that’s a stand-out and nobody appreciates it but me.”
Instead I play a mental game and try to think where I was when I first heard the song. This game is made easier because in the liner notes they have the month and year when each single was released. Some were easy to remember but most were a blur and the pat answer is, “I heard it on the radio in my room.”
Incidentally the album contains their singles from February 1979 to September 1985.
It’s a great album is you crave The Cure’s hits.