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Hockey Night in Sudsville

3 Jun

So I walk into a bar to meet a friend and have a nice chat about this and that. The bar is convenient because it is about equidistant from both our houses. He lives due north and I am due west. We come here for the convenience not the atmosphere. The place used to be a McDonalds and now is a sports bar. The beer selection is insulting for one that likes fermented hopped barley juice — but they do have one beer on tap that is drinkable. Just barely.
The night we chose to come in happened to be a night when a hockey game was on TV – The NHL playoffs. Each TV was showing the same game. The TV sound was loud. The sound level was comparable to going to see a rock band in a small club. The bar was full.
As I tried to have a conversation over a beer with my fried, my one though was … don’t these people have TVs at home?