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Weekly Vinyl – Harry Chapin

5 Aug

Greatest Stories Live
Harry Chapin
Whatever happened to this guy?
Well we know that he died very early in life in a tragic car crash… but his music has been off the radar for many many years.
Harry Chapin is a great story teller. His songs are stories that one can listen to again and again. The songs are memorable and well-constructed.
So why isn’t anyone covering this guy’s music?
His song Cats in the Cradle is timeless. As is W-O-L-D. As is Taxi and A Better Place to Be.
This is really good folk music – it presents a sliver of life of what life was like in the US back in the 70s. Music of working class America.
I’d like to say bring this music back to make America great again but I know the ghost of Harry Chapin would come to me at night and haunt me incessantly. So I’ll let that though go.
This album, being a live album, is a best of compilation but it really gives a good sense of who the man was, his craft, and the relationship he had with his audience.
A fantastic recording and album.

Not Uber

13 Dec

This was our taxi in Cuba. We took it from the Dolphinarium back to the hotel. The driver said it was a 56 Bel Air. It had a diesel engine and a three speed manual transmission on the steering column. Eight (8) of us were in the car plus the driver. I explained to the kids that the Bel Air was not the biggest car back in the day. They thought it was the coolest thing.