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Big and ugly — but tasty

13 Aug

This is not the best summer for tomatoes. I rained like hell all of June. We never got the consistent heat and sun that is needed. Early blight set in.
The tomatoes that grow in my garden will never win a beauty prize. They are misshapen. They have blotches. They are big and heavy.
But they taste good.
SONY DSCIt says something about the food we eat. You get perfectly consistently shaped tomatoes, apples, oranges and other fruits and vegetables in the supermarket. They all look the same just like they came off a manufacturers’ assembly line. Yet for many of this produce the taste is lacking. The perfectly shaped Chilean grown tomato you can by in January will never taste as good as a home grown fresh tomato.
I recall perusing the farmers markets in post-Soviet Ukraine and seeing the miserable looking fruits and vegetables. They did not have the flair, polish and good looks of the food I was accustomed to in Canada and the US. But they tasted fantastic.
Although it is not the best summer for my vegetable garden, what I do get is excellent and I am very pleased.