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Weekly Wine – Boyar (again)

16 Mar

SONY DSCDomaine Boyar Cabernet Sauvignon
13% ABV
$8.90 (LCBO)

I had consumed this wine and sat down to write it and only then realized that I reviewed it a while ago. But that was way back in 2013 and that wine was a 2011 vintage.
I must have been thrown by the new and very elegant label when I purchased this bottle.
No matter – it is still Bulgarian wine.
This wine still has a harsh edge to it, that has not gone away. The sourness is still there but it is not as pronounced although still quite unpleasant. This washes out any flavour the wine might have.
I take sip after sip and try to find some distinctive flavor. The label claims that there are ripe berries and “hints of chocolate.” I don’t feel this.
The more I drink this the more unpleasant it becomes. I’m struggling to find some redeeming quality of this wine, besides price and label, but I can’t.
It is wine.
It is red.
It won’t kill you.