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Weekly Vinyl – Sibelius #1in E minor

27 Feb

Sibelius – Symphony No.1 in E Minor, Op.39
Sir John Barbirolli conducting the Halle Orchestra

I have a bunch of Sibelius records because some musician that I liked noted in an interview that he very much admired Sibelius.
So I went out to a used record store, or Goodwill, I forget witch, and bought a bunch of them.
I listened but did not get inspired much.
I grew to like Sibelius.
The music is quite pleasant and it is very suitable for cold evenings when one is ruminating about life and staring out the window looking at a snowy scene that is lit up by a street light. I’m not sure this music would work on a beach in the Dominican Republic.
I tried to find the date of this recording and so also found copies of this album on sale on eBay. It goes from 99 cents to just a tad under 14 dollars. I don’t think I paid more than two bucks for this album so I either overpaid by two or I got a very good deal. The music and the recording of this symphony is worth much more than the two bucks I paid for it.