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Weekly Vinyl – Schweizermärsche

21 Feb

Ernst Neukomm (conductor)
This review is late because I was battling a fever. I had chosen this record the day before the fever hit and this album was my soundtrack to the fever.
When one’s head is swollen, the body’s joints so stiff that movement is painful, the energy levels are below zero and dropping fast – the one thing you do not really want to hear in your head is marching music. Swiss or any other.
And yet there I was shivering in bed, with the sounds of raucous marching music beating a constant rhythm against the side of my skull. For a minute, it might have been an hour, I imagined that I was in a Monty Python sketch.
It didn’t help matters that with a few ounces of strength that I could muster I dove into the internet to try to find the release date of this recording. Surly the Swiss would have it all organized. Alas no, a fruitless search.
To drive the marching music out of my feverish head, I turned the album on again – and sank into a blissful unconsciousness.