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Nordic street

25 Jun

I loved walking around in stolkholm.
Every street was intersting.
This one was one of many.

Weekly Wine – Three Monkeys

1 Mar

Thr3 Monkeys
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

How could you resist this wine.
This name for a wine.
The label.
I couldn’t. So, I bought it even though in my heart of hearts I knew that I would be a bit disappointed.
Drinking this wine has left me more confused than a barrel of monkeys. The initial taste is that of a syrupy medium bodied sweet wine. Like drinking flat ginger ale. The wine label said it is a “Fresh & Fruity White Wine,” and I guess it is fruity I just miss the fresh part.
It does kinda grow on you though. It is not bad if you like this type of wine – sweetish and heavy. I would pass on it though.
The lineage of this wine is fantastic – it is a Hungarian wine that is bottled for a company in Sweden. What’s it doing on a shelf in Canada then?



Important clothes

8 Nov


I’m sorry – Very Important Clothes.
This is a small shop on a narrow street in the old part of Stockholm. I like the heads on the mannequins. I believe the store was closed for lunch so I did not enter it. As I wandered the old city – I forgot where it was and never saw the store again.