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Weekly Wine – Sutter Home

8 Apr

SONY DSCSutter Home White Zinfandel
9.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This wine is sweet. It is listed as Medium Sweet on the LCBO website and I will take them at their word because they measure the sugar content of all wines they sell. The flavour is pretty sweet. So-much-so, you will be reaching for something acidic and/or salty to sooth your palate. All I had lying around was a bag of potato chips that were of a dill pickle flavour. I would have rather had the dill pickles.
But alas – you use what you have … and lo and behold, the dill pickle potato chips complement this wine very well. Sutter Home should mention it in their marketing material. Or perhaps Lay’s should in theirs.
The colour is typical for White Zinfandel rose – a nice, quite pleasant pink. The flavour is obscured by the sweetness. A hint of citrus does poke out but that only came after the potato chips.
There are better White Zinfandel wines on the market at this price point but if you like it more on the sweet wine this wine will suit you well.