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Weekly Vinyl – Bootleg Supertramp

12 Feb

SONY DSCMontreal Seventy Seven
This is a pretty cool bootleg of a concert by Supertramp in Montreal. Yes, the year was 1977.
To be fair, the recording is a but muddy although you can compensate by adjusting the equalization on your stereo. Cranking the music or putting on headphones really reveals the shortcomings of the album. This is an album best listened to at a low to moderate volume level. No amount of equalizations can help it – such is the constant state of bootlegged recordings,
It is a nice recording though – you can feel the vibe in the concert hall, probably the long departed but not forgotten Montreal Forum (home of the Habs). This show was to support the Even in the Quietest Moments recording as most of the songs are off this album. They are faithfully recreated with no noticeable improvisations or musical tangents.
I like bootlegs because they occasionally capture the spirit of the band. This captures Supertramp in full flight and very tight as a band.

Weekly Vinyl – Breakfast in America

22 Aug

Breakfast in America

This is the album that ended my love affair with the band Supertramp.
It’s really not that bad of an album. It’s actually a very good album.
But it was a big departure from the previous albums. It was more commercial. It was packed with hits. People who had never heard of the band before were now big fans.
It was the hits that irritated me. Gone were the longer compositions and they were replaced snappy memorable tunes. Perhaps I disliked this album then because subconsciously I liked the tunes and did not want to admit to it.
This is a good pop album. I still prefer their previous releases to this one, but as a record it is quite good. It is good summer lounging music. I think I’ll play it again and lounge a bit.


Weekly Vinyl – Even in the quietest Moments…

25 Jan

Even in the quietest Moments…
This is such a joyous album in a way. It really brings me back to my childhood. Well pre-teens anyway. The first guitar chords of Give a Little Bit, the first song, put a nice big grin on my face. That look did not leave until the end of Fool’s Overture, the last song. This is a damn fine album. Released it 1977, the same year one of my other favourite albums was released, Talking Heads 77. Perhaps I should organize my albums in the year they were released and see if there is any annual pattern to my musical tastes. My LPs are in a very random order – I gave up ordering them the last time I moved them from one corner to the other and built them a special metal shelf. But back to this album – it is really interesting to listen to this music again. It is good. The songs are catchy, well crafted and not overblown or over produced. I was trying to come up with a novel category for Supertramp and came up with Progressive Pop Rock. It kinda fits.