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Sunset over Iowa

22 Feb

It’s a nice sunset and I am 3,500 meters (11,497 feet) above Iowa. So says my camera’s GPS and I think that is about right as I recollect. I remember flying and taking pictures as the other passengers tried to sleep, or play games on their tablets/cell phones.

Baltic Sunset

6 Jul

This serene sunset, belies the fact that a few hours earlier we were in a heavy windstorm.
As the sun started to set over the Baltic Sea, the wind died down and we had a peaceful night.

Serenity … not

25 Aug


This is a sunset over Silver Lake. It looks bronze here — but nevertheless it is beautiful. What you don’t see in the picture is the Trans-Canada highway to the left. The trucks are shifting down to make the small rise in elevation. The noise goes on all the time – so much so you start to not notice it anymore.

Poplar in the Sunset

28 Apr


This is one of the few images that I took from a moving car that I don’t mind. I have a habit of taking many shots. Most of them are bad. I’m being generous. But habits are habits. I will continue taking shots from moving cars. The shot would have been better had the farmhouse had its light on. I can add them in Photoshop but I would probably make a hash of it. I look at this shot and get the feeing of movement and stillness.



24 Mar


A few years ago in Haliburton from the balcony of our hotel.