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Scraps and widgets

26 Jun

I’ve written many scraps and am selling stuff on Kijiji and Craigslist.
Compiling the scraps to have prose is going slowly.
Like the sales of the stuff I don’t want anymore.


Stuff and things

4 Mar

This will be an occasional theme here. I try to be a minimalist, but I have a lot of stuff and things. I have friends who espouse being minimalistic and not encumbered with possessions. But they all have stuff. And things. It is a condition of our society. It is the human nature. Collecting. Acquiring. Stuff. Things.
For several years now I have been trying to shed myself of my stuff and things. I have been trying to limit the stuff, and things that pollute my mind. I am not failing in this quest. I have not succeeded either. Like a magnet rolling on the floor – stuff and things get attached to me – my life.
Books, magazines, records, CDs, cassettes all have value. Guitars, musical instruments, musical technology (electronic effects), drums and percussive thingamabobs, microphones and recorders – all have value. No? The flotsam and jetsam of the technological age (computers, scanners, etc.) that I have kept alive to keep on doing what I do – whatever that is…
Stuff and things… Stuff and things… I love them. I hate them.