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Weekly Vinyl – Don’t Touch

3 Jul

Please don’t touch
Steve Hackett


This is an album that is hard to dislike. Yet it is also hard to like.
Steve Hackett is a brilliant guitarist who was a key member of Genesis in their glory years. He left for a solo career not long after Peter Gabriel left that prog-rock band.
The album is a study of eclecticism – there is jazz, pop, progressive experimentation, szmaltz. The latter is quite painful to hear, but then the music takes a sharp turn into something extraordinary.
This album keeps you on the edge of your seat – it is not unlike listening to college radio back in the late seventies or eighties, where the DJ is just playing whatever falls onto the turntable.
There is not much cohesion here and it really hurts the album. The individual parts, most but not all, are brilliant and well executed but … but … but … there is something missing.
You feel this when the album ends. Either side – it does not matter. It was good … but.

Weekly Vinyl – Genesis Bootleg

5 Apr

White Mountain U.K. Tour 1976
This is my brother’s album that has been sitting in my collection for a while. He was the big Genesis fan and I’m sure that he shelled out a relatively fair amount for this recording. The record is a Danish bootleg of a UK tour. If you are a Genesis fan then you will be interested to know that Peter Gabriel is not here but Steve Hackett still is. Bill Bruford is on drums and Phil Collins does the vocals. Unlike a lot of bootlegs from the 70s, the quality of the audio recording is actually quite good. It was undoubtabley recorded directly from the mixing board. The music is not as crisp as their live Second’s Out LP, which came out in 1977, but the album is not murky in any way. This is a good quality bootleg with amazing music. This is a progressive rock dinosaur showcasing its technical music as all around, punk rock is breaking out and making prog-rock virtually extinct.