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Weekly Vinyl – Star’s End

4 Mar

Star’s End
David Bedford


This is a true fusion album. It mixes classical music with a good dollop of jazz and rock.
The classical music is not even that “classical” – it is modern, at times arrhythmic, at times quite mind blowing.
In particular – the final movement on the first side is a fantastic. At once it is apocalyptic and hopeful. The electric guitar soars purposefully and stridently over the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s sound. The guitar does not stand out like a soloist would – the electric guitar is there as an instrument because it is the only instrument that can give that type of sound to the music. The guitar is played by Mike Oldfield. It is a real wonderful passage that is powerful, mournful and hopeful all in one.
This is an early Virgin Records release and it is fantastic to think that record companies used to release such interesting and provocative music.