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Signs of spring

24 Apr

Spring is in the air and things are starting to grow all over.
All sorts of birds have come back to our area of town. We have cardinals, crows, red-winged blackbirds, sparrows and starlings among others. A few starlings made nests in my vents in the house – I evicted a few before they laid their eggs but one was persistent and I grabbed four eggs and sealed that vent tight.
I felt bad but there is no way I could have allows a whole family of birds to live in one of my vents.

Whistler Spring

12 Jun

The day before I took this shot, I was skiing. It was warm and the snow was a bit brutal. But we made up for that with a nice walk. It is hard to take a bad picture in this place.


12 Apr

Spring is a complicated thing in Toronto.
It does not last too long.
We had 2 centimeters (a bit less than an inch) of snow yesterday.
It was followed by rain.
It will be 18 degrees (65 Fahrenheit) in a few days. Spring this year will last about a few hours this week. Enjoy.
From my experience, Europe has stupendous springs. They last a few months and are creep onto the land and people in a wonderfully enveloping way. Each day is incrementally more wonderous than the preceding day. It is a glorious way to shake of the dark dismal winter. Europe is further north than most of o0f the population centers in North America – New York is nearly on the same latitude as Naples, Italy. Dallas is very close, latitude wise, to Benghazi, Libya. And that is much more south of Europe. The fact is – Winters in most of Europe are darker than the ones we have in North America. So the incrementalism of the European spring is superb.
But their falls suck.

Spring Mirror

31 Mar


Strolling through the Toronto Zoo

Should I take off my winter tires?

11 Mar

The snow is melting and it is sloppy outside. The uncollected kids’ toys have been uncovered from the white blanket and now are part of the slop that used to be grass. So have some misplaced boards with the nails pointed skyward. How did this find its way to the middle of the back yard?
Ah spring… What snow is left is nice and black and just aching to melt away by the unseasonably warm weather. Should the term “unseasonably warm” be now replaced by something else like … this will be the new norm warmth.
Took the scooter out for its first proper run of the year. Had a little moment on some slippery sand in a corner but I was careful and kept the rubber side down.
Time to start the tomato seeds.