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Weekly Wine – Spinelli

26 Jul

Spinelli Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Doc
13% ABV
$8.45 (LCBO)

This wine has a gold circle that proclaims that it is the best wine under $10.
This is proclaimed by the Toronto Star (according to the gold circle, that is not a stick on but is printed with the label, meaning that this is definitely marketed to the Ontario consumer) – a local paper of some note that is quite dominant in Ontario.
It is a good wine. It is not the best wine under a sawbuck. There are better ones.
This one though has character and is actually quite good. It has a sharp attack due to it being a trifle acidic but this is then nicely smoothed out with a rich bouquet of plum and berry flavours.
This is one of the few wines in this category that gets better when it aerates for a bit – that I find quite interesting.
I like this wine but am not convinced that it is the best under ten bucks. I know I have tasted better ones. This is my 229th bottle of wine under 10 bucks. Although I like this wine I can’t say it is the best.
It is quite good though.

Weekly Wine – Spinelli

21 Jun

Spinelli Quartana Chardonnay Terre di Chieti
12% ABV
$7.90 (LCBO)

I was expecting this wine to be a little sweet. A little fruity. A little lively.
I was also ready to be disappointed.

I did not get fruity, lively or sweet when I first sipped this.
I was met with a sharp acidic taste that was masking some sort of weak fruit flavour. The wine wasn’t bad. It is sharp and crisp. A little sour but not too bad – good for the hot weather in fact.
I have to admit that these first sips were when the wine was stone cold. Colder than it should ever be. It’s not like there were chunks of ice floating in the wine but it was quite cold. That is why I could not taste the pear or the peach.
As the wine gets to a more reasonable temperature it does become better. The fruits come out and the acidity is diminished. There is a balance here.
A nice wine actually.

Weekly Wine – Spinelli

24 Sep

SONY DSCSpinelli Quartana Chardonnay Terre di Chieti


12% ABV
$7.50 (LCBO)

This wine is rough around the edges. I knew it would be.
The first clue was the brand. I had red wine from this brand and it was rough. Drinkable but rough.
The second clue was that it was very inexpensive. One of the most inexpensive wines at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.
Another clue was that it said that it was “non oaked” Chardonnay. So it fermented and/or matured in a plastic pail. Just like you can do at home. Perhaps it was stainless steel. Probably not.
This is fast, cheap wine. There is no apologies here. It is honest and it is rough around the edges. It is drinkable when well chilled but the deteriorates as the temperature rises.
My initial thoughts on this wine are confirmed. I’m not too disappointed with the wine – I just probably won’t buy it very often.

Weekly Wine – Spinelli

16 Oct

SONY DSCSpinelli Malbec 2012 Italy 750ml 13% ABV $8.10 (LCBO)
This is one of the least expensive wines on the shelves at Ontario’s LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario).
It is earthy. It has an interesting taste.
It is quite dry. It takes a while to really start liking it. The last statement is the most telling as I’m halfway through the bottle and am starting to get comfortable with this wine. It is not bad but it has certain peculiarities that will cause uncomplimentary reactions in the drinker.
It is tart, dry, heavy-ish, spicy, and has sulphites. The first couple of sips will make you wince like you are drinking something horrible. But it ain’t horrible. It is a proletarian Italian wine. It has to bite back when you drink it. I have encountered similar wine in Italy – I was confused by the taste but was told that this is the way it is. This is a taste of Italy. It is authentic I guess.