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Weekly Wine – Terrano

29 Jul


Spadafora Terrano Rosso Calabria IGT
12.5% ABV
$8.40 (LCBO)

The first thing that struck me about this wine was the top of the bottle. It is a very large screw cap – it seems rather odd.
The wine is exactly like I imagined it.
It is a bit acidic – this is a combination of the tannins and sulphites. The acidity is not bad and tolerant if you chase it down with some food. I’m having Appenzeller Extra cheese from Switzerland. This tangy, strong cheese is a perfect companion. It makes this wine go down well.
But even with this cheesy companion there is no mistaking that this wine is not a fine wine. It is rough around the edges. This is a wine I should take outside, with the cheese. I should light a fire in the chimenea and enjoy it in a more rustic setting, a more primitive atmosphere than sitting in my home office listening to music.
I wouldn’t buy this wine to take to someone’s house as a gift, but I would if I was going for picnic in the forest.