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Weekly Vinyl – Fantabulous Strings

17 Jan

Fantabulous Strings
Those Fantabulous Strings play the Sonny & Cher Hits
I miss the days when there was music in the elevators. Well this is kind of like that music. Not exactly Muzak but quite close. There are so many elements of this record that give me joy – besides the music. These are “Those Fantabulous Strings.” What a word. Sort of like craptastic. I’ll be waiting for this word to comeback and go viral again. I love the figurines that represent Sonny & Cher on the cover. I’m not sure why the stars themselves did not show their faces for the photo shoot. They could have used finger puppets, but hand models cost money. I love the fonts on the cover. They don’t make them like they used to. There is only one Sonny & Cher song that I know, I got you babe, so the rest of the albums “hits” are really anonymous. I recall seeing an episode two of the Sonny & Cher Show but I do not remember the music or anything else about the show. Except, of course, Cher’s outrageous outfits. Her outfits where somewhat memorable. The music on this album is largely forgettable.