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Weekly Vinyl – Live tapes

8 Jan

Live Tapes
Barclay James Harvest


This is Barclay James Harvest. It is a band. It is not a law firm. Nor is it an accounting firm.
It is, how to describe it, a soft rock kinda progressive band from the UK.
This album is a mix of their hits, (Poor |Man’s Moody Blues, Child of the Universe, Suicide, Hymn, Taking Me Higher) recorded at some shows in Europe. They still tour there – I looked this upon their site.
What strikes me by listening to this album after all these years of not hearing them is how laid back, mellow and … well … lame this music is. Even when the band tries to rock out a bit, like on the song Crazy City, it really falls flat. I think the studio albums were better – which is weird because usually live albums capture the spirit and energy better.
Perhaps this album does capture the spirit of the music properly – everybody is sedated, including the band.