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Weekly Vinyl – Sibelius again

29 Apr

Sibelius – Symphony #3 and Violin Concerto in D minor
Philharmonia Orchestra (Paul Kletzki/David Oistrakh) and Stockholm Festival Orchestra (Sixten Ehrling)
I found information about this album on the internet. Well not much information, just the year of release. I also saw that a copy of this album was going for $9.27. What an odd number.
My copy would not command such a lofty price as the cover is in shambles – the old masking tape that held it together is disintegrating, but the disk is in very good shape.
It sounds good too.
But I sit here and listen to this classical, romantic, at times sparse music and wonder why I have so much Sibelius. Well, I was into it for a while. That has passed.
I hope I don’t pull out any of his albums soon.
I’ve had quite enough.