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Weekly Vinyl – Sidi Tal’ – Сиди Таль

6 Dec

From the programs of concerts
Sidi Tal’ – Сиди Таль
I’m not 100 per cent sure how I got this album but It came from Ukraine. Did I buy it or was it given to me – that is a mystery.
This is an album by a noted Yiddish-Soviet artist, Sidi Tal. The album contains stories and songs. I understand none of this – but this is kind-of-like listening to Edith Piaf for most of the non-French-speaking world. The strong emotions of the artist come through beyond the barrier of language.
As I listen to this album, I hear the Eastern European pathos emerge. I recognize the rythm of the language. Sidi Tal lived worked and died in Western Ukraine so the mood and feeling of her storytelling and her songs are very well known to me. I can identify with what she is going on about although I understand not one word.
This is a great discovery in my collection – I had completely forgotten that I had such an album.