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Weekly Vinyl – Sibelius again

29 Apr

Sibelius – Symphony #3 and Violin Concerto in D minor
Philharmonia Orchestra (Paul Kletzki/David Oistrakh) and Stockholm Festival Orchestra (Sixten Ehrling)
I found information about this album on the internet. Well not much information, just the year of release. I also saw that a copy of this album was going for $9.27. What an odd number.
My copy would not command such a lofty price as the cover is in shambles – the old masking tape that held it together is disintegrating, but the disk is in very good shape.
It sounds good too.
But I sit here and listen to this classical, romantic, at times sparse music and wonder why I have so much Sibelius. Well, I was into it for a while. That has passed.
I hope I don’t pull out any of his albums soon.
I’ve had quite enough.

Weekly Vinyl – Sibelius #1in E minor

27 Feb

Sibelius – Symphony No.1 in E Minor, Op.39
Sir John Barbirolli conducting the Halle Orchestra

I have a bunch of Sibelius records because some musician that I liked noted in an interview that he very much admired Sibelius.
So I went out to a used record store, or Goodwill, I forget witch, and bought a bunch of them.
I listened but did not get inspired much.
I grew to like Sibelius.
The music is quite pleasant and it is very suitable for cold evenings when one is ruminating about life and staring out the window looking at a snowy scene that is lit up by a street light. I’m not sure this music would work on a beach in the Dominican Republic.
I tried to find the date of this recording and so also found copies of this album on sale on eBay. It goes from 99 cents to just a tad under 14 dollars. I don’t think I paid more than two bucks for this album so I either overpaid by two or I got a very good deal. The music and the recording of this symphony is worth much more than the two bucks I paid for it.

Weekly Vinyl – Sibelius

21 Sep

An Hour with Sibelius
Berlin Symphony Orchestra

I got this well used record years ago when I read somewhere that Mike Oldfield was a fan of Sibelius. I got two or three records but I pulled this one out to listen to.
The music is very sentimental. It is sweeping and rolls on and on, undulating in a vastness of melodrama. It doesn’t grab me at all. I was listening for a hook. A period of music where there is drama and tension. Not so much.
Is it me, or is this music? Should I be listening to this on a cold wintry day staring out into an abyss of white emptiness? Is the mediocre Spanish wine that I am drinking while listening having a bad effect on my aural sensibilities?
I read the liner notes and it promises, “Gradually the music works up to a great climax…”

I was waiting for this.
But alas, it never came.