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Weekly Wine – Si Soave

19 Nov


Si Soave
12.5% ABV
$8.70 (LCBO)

Welcome to an inexpensive Italian wine.
The label is so chic. Trendy, Fun.
It caught my attention. And so did the price.
Well chilled it is a fine wine. There is an after-taste to it but it is not too bad.
I was sampling this in the midst of a flurry of people and emotions. I was concerned that I would confuse this wine with other inebriants.
I should not have had that concern. This wine stood out.
It was distinctive. It had an inexpensive taste.
It did not taste bad but it had a weird after-taste. It was a distinctive hit to the palate. I categorised this as a mechanical flavour. It was a processed wine. Like processed cheese food, this was a processed wine. Not bad, but not exactly something that fills one with joy.