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Chilling on a beach

17 Jul


This photo was taken a few years ago in Tulum, Mexico.
It was a hot day but there was a nice breeze on the beach. As I stood on a cliff above the beach there was a bunch aof people cavorting noisily on my left. This woman was having a serene moment – she was on my left.


28 Sep

This scene looks serene. And it is.
It’s a Provincial Park in Ontario called Silver lake. About an hour earlier  there was massive thunder,lightning and rain coming through.
It was a spectacular view as we huddled under a tarp.
Out of the shot, to the right, is Highway 7. You hear the trucks … all day and all night.
Serenity indeed.

Sea of Clouds

5 Jan

Flying over the Atlantic, I woke up from a snooze and saw this sea of clouds.
I stared out the window and again fell into a blissful snooze.